Our quality staff brings over 60 years of superior experience to any design team. We specialize in roadway applications, such as roadway lighting and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), however, enjoy taking on new challenges as well.

ACEC MemberWi-Skies, LLC is comprised of electrical and structural engineers and other subject matter experts who all share the philosophy to deliver top of the line designs as efficiently as possible, providing exemplary customer satisfaction while never compromising quality. We believe maintaining clients is just as important as finding new ones. The best compliments we can get is both a reference and repeat business.

We believe that our field experience sets us apart from most electrical designers. Both have had extensive experience in site investigations, installation oversight, system debugging and integration, and hands-on repair for many ITS systems. Having been on the construction support side, both owners have always stressed the importance of visiting the site early during the design process. Costly change orders often come from design oversights that could have been avoided by this simple, yet sometimes overlooked, site visit.