Wi-Skies, LLC’s philosophy is to deliver top of the line designs as efficiently as possible, providing exemplary customer satisfaction while never compromising quality.  We believe maintaining clients is just as important as finding new ones and the best compliments possible are repeat business and a reference.

ACEC MemberOur quality staff specializes in lighting and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for DOT’s and other municipalities, however, enjoy taking on new challenges as well.  We bring over 60 years of superior experience to any design team.  For DOT’s, we have also provided QC or design in other design sections such as signage and pavement marking, traffic signals and drainage.  In addition to DOT work, we have also done electrical design work for airports, water treatment plants and building construction.  We also have very knowledgeable CAD support.  In short, we are willing to take on any challenge to make sure the project is done completely and correctly.  We take pride that our staff has routinely exceeded the client’s expectations in any challenge we have faced.

While our knowledgeable staff always references and adheres to current design policies and recommendations, we do not settle on the status quo, often bringing many options to the table for the client to make a fully informed decision in the event of special circumstances.  Each project is unique and offers special design challenges which cannot always be addressed by general practice.  We take pride in putting client first, even if the resulting decision is not necessarily in our own best interest.

Wi-Skies, LLC currently holds the on-call lighting contract for the Georgia Department of Transportation to be the lighting designer for all statewide in-house GDOT let projects.  As part of this contract, the President serves as an acting extension of GDOT, assisting the Department in developing cost estimates, standards, modifying specifications, reviewing other designs, developing policy as well as addressing a host of problems and questions which arise.

Wi-Skies, LLC is also on the winning team as a sub with EJM Engineering, Inc, who was the President’s former employer, for a similar on-call lighting and traffic signal design contract with Illinois DOT.   This teaming demonstrates first-hand the importance of maintaining good relationships as well as our business objective to conduct business the right way.

As a registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in some states, we bring another teaming advantage to some of our larger teaming partners.  Several agencies, such as FDOT, have SBE goals which must be met in most projects and we can help fulfill those requirements while providing exemplary design work, making us an easy choice to team with.



Joseph D. Marsh, P.E.


The President of Wi-Skies, LLC, Joe brings over twelve years of diverse engineering experience, with a focus on roadway lighting.  His strengths are in management, where he has consistently overseen many projects simultaneously with minimal staff all while delivering superior quality work to the client.  Mr. Marsh has repeatedly demonstrated his diversity as an electrical engineer who can handle any lighting project type for any client but is not afraid to delve into new design areas, such as pavement marking, signage or traffic signals.  In addition to his diverse lighting background, Joe has worked on several cutting-edge ITS projects, ranging from design to installation to integration and debugging.  He has done work in over a dozen states, which brings a diversity of solutions to any project.


Larry M. Oliver, P.E.


As a Civil-Structural-Coastal Engineer, Larry brings over thirty-nine years of diverse engineering experience, with a focus on bridge design in various environments.  His strengths are in bridge design, where he has consistently excelled in designing and analyzing bridges in unusual environments.  Mr. Oliver has demonstrated his diversity in designing both concrete and steel bridges, straight or curved, precast prestressed concrete or steel or boxed girders.  He has designed bridges in various environments such as over swamps, deep gorges, high traffic, coastal, and seismic zones.  Mr. Oliver is proficient with the following software: MDX, Descus I & II, Leap Conspan, RC-Pier, FB – Mulitplier and Virtus.  He has performed design utilizing various state DOT requirements.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Katie Aiken

Mrs. Aiken boasts ten years of lighting design experience and is responsible for the design, development and management of projects including numerous IDOT and GDOT roadways, intersections, roundabouts, crosswalks, highways, bridges and Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). Mrs. Aiken has also designed lighting systems for Class 1, Div. 1 natural gas compressor stations; and several LEED certified buildings. Her strengths are in customer relations and design standards. She brings 12 years of diverse engineering experience ranging from reliability engineering in a taconite plant to 345kV distribution substations. Mrs. Aiken’s role consists of high-end policy reviews and modifications, as well as assisting in efforts to properly deploy, install and maintain LED technology and retrofit projects.

Scott Younghouse

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Scott M. Younghouse

Scott currently works out of GDOT Headquarters as a consultant within the Office of Design Policy and Support in the Lighting Group. Responsibilities include reviewing photometric submittals, lighting plans, design layouts, etc along with design support, maintains GDOT lighting specifications including Chapter 14 of the Design Policy Manual and any of the lighting specifications related to Electrical/Lighting.

Floyd Potter, Civil Engineering

Roadway Design and Engineering

Floyd L. Potter

Project Manager of Wi-Skies, LLC, Floyd brings over twenty-seven years of diverse engineering experience, with a focus on Georgia DOT roadway design and engineering. His strengths are hydrology and storm water engineering, horizontal and vertical profile design, erosion and sedimentation, signage and striping, utility plan and coordination, cost estimating and bid document preparation. Mr. Potter is extremely proficient with Microstation V8i and other various design software and has worked directly with Georgia DOT and Local Governments in designing Streetscape projects consisting of sidewalk design, decorative pavers/crosswalks, drainage design, curb & gutter design, landscaping, irrigation, decorative street lighting, and utility design. Floyd is very familiar with all aspects of Georgia DOT specification and standards as well as AASHTO’s Green Book (Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets) for design and construction.

Senior Lighting Designer

Senior Lighting Designer

Brenda L. Megel

Brenda brings over 22 years of lighting experience which started working for a custom lighting manufacturer. Her strengths are in diverse knowledge of all aspects of lighting, design standards and customer relations.