Some recommended electrical engineering resources: Blogs, Publications & Communities

Because the field of electrical and structural is so vast and complex, engineering professionals need to stay abreast of the latest standards and regulation in the engineering community and closely-related fields, so here is a list of great resources we use, and may be helpful to you, our guests, in your quest for information:

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  • Electrical Engineering Blogs
    IEEE Spectrum covers “the latest technology news and analysis from world’s leading engineering magazine.” blog – a one-stop blog, via Twitter feed
  • Electronics Engineering News Publications, Journals and Magazines
    EC Online – info. on new products, installation tips, tutorials and company analysis
    EE Times – up-to-date, relevant news, analysis and opinion
  • Electrical Engineering Associations and Professional Networking Communities
    The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) –  a vast library of journals, books, magazines, standards and regulations, to resources for educators, and a multitude of workshops, conferences, and other professional development opportunities
    Engineering Exchange – global educational networking community for engineers, features a forum and blog, along with videos, images, events, resources and more.