Georgia Dept. of Transportation (GDOT) Design-on-Request Services

  • In-house consultant to the GDOT Lighting Group to assist them with many of their initiatives on a daily basis
  • Assist GDOT in several large tasks such as revising Chapter 14 of the Design Policy Manual, reviewing designs and identifying and developing design standards to be adopted by GDOT
  • Led the effort to develop an LED Specification for the Department’s use and providing guidance in their quest to adopt a statewide Light Loss Factor (LLF) for LED technologies
  • Review a majority of lighting designs which come into the Lighting Group and has been instrumental in assisting the Department in enforcing the Department’s policies, rules and regulations to photometrics and plans submitted.
  • Review other local lighting consultant’s designs and provide lighting designs for smaller in-house projects.



Illinois DOT Design-on-Request Services

  • assist IDOT in several large tasks such as revising Chapter 56 of their Bureau of Design and Environment Manual, reviewing designs and identifying and developing design standards to be adopted by IDOT.
  • Lead the charge in Illinois’ effort to properly deploy, install and maintain LED technology.

 Jeffersonville Rd and Millerfield Rd Lighting (City of Macon/Bibb County)

  • Leading the lighting design for two segments which encompass a total of 1.8 miles of urban collector roadway. The five lane roadway cross-section consists of dual lanes in each direction with a middle turn lane throughout. To complicate the design, there are several smaller roadways and driveways littered throughout the project, a continuous multi-use path along one side with a sidewalk on the other of the roadway throughout. This creates a challenge of providing good uniformity throughout a wide area using a large setback. Especially challenging is meeting vertical illuminance requirements along the multi-use path, sidewalk and at the many crosswalks throughout the project while also providing recommended average luminance and uniformity in the center dual turn lane. This is all being accomplished by using LED fixtures mounted at a maximum mounting height of 45’, due to Macon-Bibb’s maintenance limitations. In the end, Mr. Marsh provided a complete lighting design which met all lighting design criteria along with complete lighting plans including voltage drop calculations, plans and specifications.

Stand-alone Lighting I-75 from Pierce Ave to Arkwright Rd (GDOT) This stand-alone lighting project provided 3.5 miles of mainly high mast lighting along I-75 from Pierce Ave to Arkwright Rd.  As the area had been recently constructed without lighting in mind, several construction issues arose such as drainage and other utility conflicts, impacts of environmental documents and other complications, all of which had to be avoided. The project includes survey, geotechnical studies, reconstruction of new walls and guardrail installation along certain areas.  Joe is overseeing all of these design aspects along with the lighting design, consisting of photometric calculations, lighting plans, specifications and cost estimates for the corridor, including three interchanges, four underpasses, daytime lighting for one tunnel and horizontal and vertical illuminance at historical ROW, as well as the development of several unique installation details.