March News: Wi-Skies wins GDOT Contract for Design-on-Request Services

March 2016 – Wi-Skies is pleased to announce being uniquely selected as an in-house consultant to the GDOT Lighting Group to assist them with many of their initiatives on a daily basis. As GDOT’s subject matter expert, Mr. Marsh operates as an extension of GDOT staff, frequently making decisions in their best interest. Often physically located at GDOT headquarters to offer his expertise, Joe assists GDOT in several large tasks such as revising Chapter 14 of the Design Policy Manual, reviewing designs and identifying and developing design standards to be adopted by GDOT. He also led the effort to develop an LED Specification for the Department’s use and providing guidance in their quest to adopt a statewide Light Loss Factor (LLF) for LED technologies. Joe reviews a majority of lighting designs which come into the Lighting Group and has been instrumental in assisting the Department in enforcing the Department’s policies, rules and regulations to photometrics and plans submitted.