Wi-Skies welcomes new team member, Rick Kauffman!

Welcome aboard Rick Kauffman, who has unparalleled experience in the lighting industry – Rick brings over twenty-eight years of high level experience in the lighting industry, where he serves on several of the most critical organizations in the lighting industry.rick-kauffman

He served as IESNA’s Roadway Lighting Committee Chairman of Standard Practice IESNA, leading the effort in the development of RP-8-14, which is the document which is the authority on how roadway lighting calculations are performed and measured.  Additionally, Rick is a chair or member of several other key IESNA committee and is a very respected voice within the organization.

Mr. Kauffman is also a key member of ANSI C136, which develops many of the specifications for roadway and area fixtures.  In that, he prepared the original draft of a number of the organization’s standards such as SSL luminaires, vibration, glass lenses and is currently developing one for both luminaire cleaning as well as for polymeric lenses in luminaires.

While an Executive Committee member with the US Department of Energy Municipal Solid-state Street Lighting Consortium, Rick prepared the initial draft of the Model LED Roadway Luminaire Specification.  Many DOT’s and municipalities look to this document when developing their own LED fixture specification.

Rick formerly served as NEMA’s Chairman of the Luminaire section for three years during the development of the Luminaire Efficacy Ratings documents.  Obviously, anyone would be hard pressed to find someone with his diverse and in-depth knowledge of the lighting industry.

Rick shares some of this incredible knowledge as an instructor with several organizations, such as the University of Wisconsin and Lightfair.  Mr. Kauffman has done lighting research and retrofit projects for many major cities across the United States, bringing even more diversity to his experience.

Kauffman Consulting
Before joining Wi-Skies, Rick was the President of Kauffman Consulting, where he provided over fourteen years of high level quality consultant support to his clients, even developing 24 patents including complete luminare and optical design.  Rick is a master of lighting design software packages such as AGI32, Lumen Micro, Lumen Designer and Photopia.

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